Cable Car Engagement Photos

San Francisco is a small city. You always bump into people you know when you're out and about. Chris and Katie work in buildings across the street from each other in the financial district. Did they meet at a food truck in-between their buildings? No. They met through friends, and only later found out that they worked so close to each other. I thought that was fun :) Chris suggested that we take their engagement photos via his daily commute. I am a huge fan of everyday life, so I thought it was a good idea... Turns out his commute is on the iconic San Francisco cable cars. How cool is that? And here I thought tourists were the only people who rode those things ;) We had a blast taking their engagement photos on the cable car, and I got a small taste of what their everyday life is like. Not bad, right?

As the cable car is about to go down from the top of Nob Hill and into the Financial District, you have this great view of the bay, framed by buildings, and the bay bridge. San Francisco is an amazing city. I can't believe that I live here. Thank you Katie and Chris for the reminder :)