John and Christine

When John told us he was getting married, I was pretty surprised to say the least. As one of our really good friends, I knew that he hadn't even been dating anyone! All it took was a short trip to visit his parents in India, and boom- he came home engaged. His parents had arranged his marriage. This is a foreign concept to us westerners, but as John described the logic behind it, I couldn't help but think that they might be onto something. He said, " Your parents are the ones who raised you. They have been deeply invested in helping you grow into the person that you were meant to be for your whole life. What that in mind, it is the parent's honor to be able to select a worthy mate for their child." I agreed, but still had my doubts. And then I met Christine. She is the perfect match for John! I mean the- could not be any better- type of perfect. It was so fun getting to take these wedding portraits for them in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.