We are on Apartment Therapy

We were stoked to wake up and see our place on Apartment Therapy today! We've been continually making our apartment into our home ever since our wedding. I still remember feeling like a "real adult" as we unwrapped tons of matching dishes, cups, silverware; placing them on the shelves in a orderly fashion. You guys know (or will soon) about all of that wedding loot... After doing tons of craigslisting and diy projects, it became one of our goals to be on Apartment Therapy. Our place never really felt "done" enough though because we always had other projects in the que. We finally came to terms that it is as done as it will ever be, and things will probably change a lot once our baby is born in just a couple of weeks. Anyway, click over here to take a full tour of our place on Apartment Therapy I feel lucky to be able to live in this cozy nest with my super creative wife, Alexis. Our place would not look this cool if it were strictly up to me. Like when she wanted to stencil cats on our bedroom wall, or get a headboard on ebay and have it shipped from across the country... It might have taken some work to get me on board, but Lex is the real brains behind this operation. I married up. Big time.

A huge thank you to Bess Friday for taking the photos and Lauren Godfrey for doing the write up. Also, check out my friend Blaise Rosenthal's art- I am in love with the painting that he made for our dining room. Cheers!