Jessica Foster Confections

I got to do an editorial shoot for Jessica Foster Confections with the amazing designer/stylist/blogger Kelly Oshiro last time I was down in Santa Barbara. Be sure to check these out over on Kelly's blog, and enter for a chance to win some of these tasty treats! Jessica's truffles are to die for. You guys in Santa Barbara and Goleta should seek them out and then eat them all. You will not regret it- trust me. 

Here are some process images of Jessica making her mint infused truffle sticks. I think I had about 10 of these at the shoot, as I was constantly needing "fresh models" ;) They were amazing you guys. I want to eat more of them right now. *drool* You should look into Santa Barbara Chic more- it's literally one of my favorite blogs on the web. Kelly and her team of editors are so good at coming up with great content. They cover weddings, engagements, mixed drinks, parties, floral design, food, travel...  The photography on there is always stunning too. Now, if you haven't already, go enter for a chance to win some free chocolates from Jessica Foster and SBchic :)