A Simple Arrangement

I went to the flower market in SF today with some friends and decided that I should buy some flowers for my wife. I wanted it to be simple and a little wild. I loved seeing all of the raw ingredients in all of the different buckets- ingredients that I've seen in finished arrangements at weddings week in and week out. It was like the going to the grocery store for the first time and thinking - yeah, I can cook something all by myself. There were a lot of options to pick from and Genevieve (La Fleur du Jour) helped suggest options that would fit the arrangement I wanted to make. I mostly based my selections on color and texture. I wanted it to be all white and green- simple, but rich in texture. A bunch of this and a bunch of those until I had an armload of flowers. I also picked up a simple metal vase. It was pretty fun to try and get it to work! Here are some photos of what I got and the process.In the end, it made me really appreciate the craft and skill that good florists have. Knowing what to buy, how to arrange and layer everything, transport the arrangements to a venue, and on and on. It's like when you see a professional athlete and they make it look so easy- they've put in the time to perfect their craft. Here are some of my favorite florists- they make it look effortless and amazing at the same time- Max GillSaipua, Flowerwild, Ariella Chezar, and Sarah Winward.